4 Last Minute Things You Can Do To Help Your Pets On The 4th of July

Yep, it’s here!  I can’t believe it myself and if you are like many people, you have had a lot on your plate getting ready for the events and family fun that surround this busy holiday!  You may be realizing about now that you forgot to ask your veterinarian about meds for your fur family, or forgot to schedule a sitter/boarding/daycare. 


Unfortunately, even animals who have a history of being ‘just fine’ around things like gunshots and fireworks, can suddenly develop problems, as there is a sort of stacking up of ‘not quite 100 percent all of the time’ that happens until there is a tipping point; a tipping point that sometimes has no return. 
I am very sensitive to this because it happened with my own dog at about 3 years old.  Our life together has never been the same, and she is often not ‘okay’. 
The last time I saw fireworks was 7 years ago, as I would never leave her alone now on the the Fourth. 

Don’t panic, there are still some easy things you can do to make sure that your pets feel safe and sound during what can be scary couple of days. 

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Other reminders for the day of…..

  • Get out and get your dog well exercised before the festivities. EXCEPTION: If your pup suffers from arthritis or other pain issues, overexertion can actually cause them to be MORE sensitive to sounds. If this is the case, then tire them out with some find it games - find hidden food treasures - around the yard and house.

  • Make sure they have had a good opportunity to potty before the fireworks begin! They may be too scared to venture out otherwise!

  • Check out this LINK for more about how comforting pets during traumatic and scary experiences, DOES NOT make the fear worse.

Suzanne Bryner