Manners 1
Getting the Basics On Board
In this 6 week beginning Manners Class we work on the basics: Sit, Down, Stay/Wait, and Leave It. For dogs over 8 months old.
Saturdays 11:30am- 12:30, August 24 - September 28, Limited to 4 students.

Manners 2
Studio to Street
We will alternate working in the studio and working out in the real world.
NEW BEHAVIORS: Go to mat/Down Stay, HIGHER DISTRACTIONS: Leash Skills, Leave It, Sit Wait.
Pre requisite – Manners 1, Puppy 2, or similar
Saturdays 9:30 - 10:30 AM, August 24 - September 28. Limited to 4 students.

SOLD OUT Advanced Manners
Town and Trail
We will continue to work on the skills needed to do well on the trail or in town: Leash Skills, Down Stay at the cafe or for trail stops, Sit Waits for street crossings, and Leave It and more. All under the Highest Distraction.
Pre-Requisite = Manners 2, Canine Good Citizen or equal. All dogs must be able to work and focus around other dogs and light distractions
Fridays 9am - 10am, August 23 - September 27. Limited to 3 students


NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED Shy Guys 1 This beginning class is for the shy dogs who struggle in new environments or around new people. In a safe environment, you will have the opportunity to learn some skills to help your shy guy start to come out of his shell.
4 Tuesdays, 10-11am, August 6 - August 27. Limited to 4 students

SOLD OUTReactive Fido This class is for dogs who lunge, bark, growl and react towards other dogs while on leash. You will learn management strategies, and tools to help change how your dog feels about other dogs. THIS CLASS IS NOT FOR dog who fight with other dogs when off leash, dogs who have bitten people or dogs, or dogs who are afraid of or aggressive towards people.
5 Thursdays, 10-11am, August 1 - August 29. Limited to 4 students


Puppy ABCs
Open to puppies ages 8 – 16 weeks on the first day of class, who have had their first round of shots, Puppy ABCs will focus on the crucial socialization period that is
occurring during these first months. We will have lots of Supervised Play, Talk about How Dogs Learn and How to Put the Concepts into
Everyday Context, Learn the first steps of Basic Obedience Impulse Skills such as Sit, Wait, and Polite Greeting; and provide Safe, Structured
Socialization Opportunities in a variety of contexts. Registration not online, please email me for this open enrollment class. Sundays, 9:30 - 10:30 am, ongoing
$240/ 6 weeks of class. Puppy Playgroup on Wednesday evenings included in tuition price.

In Puppy ABCs our main focus was on the important early socialization window and prevention of fear and aggression.  In Puppy 2, we work on the BIG 3:  RECALL, LEASH SKILLS, and NO JUMPING, while still working on keeping the socialization game sharp!
Open to puppies aged 5-8 months and comfortable with dogs and people.
6 Sundays 11:30am - 12:30 noon, August 25 - September 29. Limited to 4 participants.

Monitored Play Groups are a great way for your puppy, adolescent, or adult dog to learn to navigate a variety of other dogs and play styles, and
for you to learn more about what is normal dog behavior, in a safe, fun and friendly environment (my training facility).
*New dogs are accepted only after completing a questionnaire to determine whether playgroups are right for them, and may require a private session for evaluation.
*The EXCEPTION is Puppy Social Hour, this is for ALL PUPPIES.

— Adult/Adolescent Big Dogs! Sunday afternoons, $10 or 10 prepaid playgroups for $75 (need not be used consecutively)
— Adult/Adolescent Smalls and Softy’s, Wednesday evening, $10 or 10 prepaid playgroups for $75 (need not be used consecutively)
— Puppy Social Hour, Wednesday evening 5:00 - 5:45 pm, $10 for puppy not enrolled in Puppy ABCs, Free to Puppies enrolled in ABCs.


Advanced K9 NoseWork - On Odor Practice Sessions, Sniff and Go Style
Practice sessions are only for dogs who are working on Odor. These once a month sessions will include searches in all 4 elements of nosework in a Sniff and Go style.


For information, schedule and pricing for PUPPY ABCs and ALL PLAYGROUPS, contact: luckyfidodogtraining@gmail.com